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Brake noise

Hey guys, my first post. I been on Grandprixforums alot. I have had over a dozen of them, but a year ago I ended up buying a 08 g6 coupe.

There has not been very many problems in the 20K miles i have had it. It just hit 103K miles.

I ended up putting around 600$ into the suspension, a whole front end, brakes everything but the cv axles and the inner tie rods.

My problems came about around 1k miles after the work.

I ended up putting the brake rotors that were supposed to be the non abs model. I bought a new set of brake pads and rotors, put them on. They squeek alot! Its not so bad once i get a couple miles down the road, but if i dont push the brakes in over 1/3-1/2 way down, i get squeeks constantly.

I did not add brakes quiet to it, the rest stuff. I also forgot to re-lube the pins and once i did the brakes i hit the brake pedal and the car pulled to left very hard.

My problem is, will adding brake quiet and re loobing the slider pins on all 4 tires fix it? I got the correct pads+rotors this time, i think they were 11.65 size.

I want to get this done before I bring my car in to do the fluids. I hate doing fluids, and gaskets. Everything else i love doing. I also get this weird clunking noise when going slow over bumps. No noise at highway speeds, or even over 20 MPH. Its not loud, just a very faint clunking noise like the sway bar links are loose.

Im going to be working on it on monday. Figured someone here would be able to tell me if i am on the right track for the brakes. Going to cost me roughly 180$ to do OEM brakes on it if the pads+rotors are the problem for some reason.
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