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Idiot Light

Thought I'd post this in the proper forum...

What do other G6ers have their auto sound control set at? Why use it? I'd rather have "A-cell-phone-driving-idiot-in-an-SUV-comes-over-in-my-lane-and-almost-kills-me-because-they-didn't-signal-or-even-bother-to-look-because-they-couldn't-care-less-about-anyone-but-themselves-watching-DVDs-or-playing-with-the-Navigation-system-and-are-too-cheap-to-buy-a-$2 headset-at-Walgreens-even-though-their-Ford Explosions-cost $40,000 and $100 to-fill-up-and-get-12 mpg-downhill-with-a-tailwind-and-there's-usually-only-one-person-in-the-freakin' 8-passenger-behemoth anyway" Sensor, that LOWERS the volume so I can concentrate on driving and not getting killed. Does GM offer anything like this?

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***dreaming*** I wish they'd come out with something where I could like launch an attack on stupid as you watch them come up on your butt, you could drop like a spike strip or something and the list goes on. What really gets me is when the people in the HUGE SUV's or HUGE trucks that have a small phalic member that they are trying to compensate for and they drive up on your tail to get you to move out of the way. Like Im going to say "OH NO IM SOOOO Scared now, I must get out of the way because he's got a bigger vehicle." I guess I can come off my soap box now.
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Around downtown Nashville, I'm amazed at how a driver will do anything to get 1 car length in front of you only to get stuck there behind another driver. I follow at a safe distance, and everyone and their brother tries to get in the space between me and the car I'm following even though I'm travelling at the same speed as the forward vehicle. I have a real problem with people risking my life and other peoples' for trying to gain a car length. I was an ER orderly while in Med School, and did a rotation in a level 1 Trauma center while doing my internship. I saw people who, IF they survived, were looking at a minimum of 6 mos rehab/PT, and many of them would never be the same. Driving the car is the biggest risk we take everyday, and I am shocked at how few people realize how dangerous overly-aggressively or careless driving can be. I wish I could figure out a way to get everyone to see what I see.
FTR, I have driven in every major city in the US, and I have seen worse traffic almost everywhere else, but never have I seen worse drivers (inattantive, inconsiderate, fail to obey the rules of the road, driving while distracted, etc.) than right here in my hometown of Nashville, sadly... I guess I'll get off my soap box, too. But every day I have a near-miss almost always involving a cell-phone driver, an SUV, or both.
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I agree with both of you guys. But I want to add another group to the long list...... honda drivers. For whatever reason they feel they need to race me and/or others, anyone. It doesn't matter if I'm driving my G6 or my Jeep. I like to drive at a safe distance from other cars and I really don't go too much over the limit, like 75 in the 70 zone as an example, but why oh why do people feel they "need" to beat me in a race when I just give a hoot (just keeping it pg here ). Well I guess I vented enough.
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Yes, what is it with Honda drivers? Its always an Accord Coupe or a Civic Hatchback with a loud sound system and even louder exhaust. I lived in Atlanta the last year, and while I agree Nashville has it's share of idiots, I'd have to say Atlanta has far more.

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Instead of an idot light, ive always wanted dual 30mm gatling guns mounted on the sides. That way when they cut you off, just pump a couple thousand rounds into there ass.
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Young Punk
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As an ex-Honda driver, I'll agree, we're dicks, and driving a Dodge Ram 3500 with dualies for work, I'll admit, the big trucks are dicks too (I get cut-off by OTHER TRUCKS when I'm in the Dodge)... I also spent some time driving a 78 Ford LTD II (for those of you who don't know what those are, think of a car as wide as an 08 dodge ram 3500 with dualies, adn a bit longer) I also drove that like a dick, and made noise pretty much anywhere I went, took up 2 lanes (couldn't really be helped), etc. But, by far, I have to say the worst drivers in Canada are in Calagary, and the worst of them... are foreign women and people driving minivans (and don't even get me STARTED on the foreign women driving minivans!).
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