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Throttle body cleaning and idle relearn procedure

Came across this info and figured it would help some of those with throttle body and idle issues.

** I just copied and pasted but will post original bullitan when I get time***

SUBJECT: GM Drive by Wire Throttle Body Cleaning Procedure and Relearn Procedures
I have been receiving a lot of calls at the Tech Support Line about proper throttle body cleaning procedures on various vehicles. Please find the first in a series of Manufacturer’s Recommended Procedures.
For the model year 2007, GM has 66 named vehicles, not including Isuzu, Saab, and Suzuki im- ports. There is no wonder there is confusion out there. While the cleaning procedure is pretty normal across the board with GM, there are 6 different relearn procedures listed, and a lot that require no relearn at all. Below is the procedure for cleaning. The following pages include a list by name of which proce- dures to use. This is a comprehensive list for the model year 2007. Older or newer vehicles could differ.
Throttle Body Cleaning
Important: Over extended time and mileage, deposits may accumulate on the back of the throttle valve plate. The source of the deposit is exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) gas. Typically these depos- its pose no problem. Occasionally the deposit may accumulate to a point where perceived pedal ef- fort or throttle valve movement is effected. This procedure should not be performed on vehicles with mileage under 80 450 km (50,000 mi).
1. Remove the air intake duct. Refer to Air Cleaner Inlet Duct Replacement .
Caution: Turn OFF the ignition before inserting fingers into the throttle bore. Unexpected movement of the throttle blade could cause personal injury.
Notice: Do not insert any tools into the throttle body bore in order to avoid damage to the throttle valve plate.
2. Inspect the throttle body bore and the throttle valve plate for deposits. You will need to open the throttle valve in order to inspect all surfaces.
Notice: Do not use any solvent that contains Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK). This solvent may damage fuel system components.
3. Clean the throttle body bore and the throttle valve plate using a clean shop towel with ETech Chemicals ET110 Throttle Body Cleaner.
4. Install the air intake duct. Refer to Air Cleaner Inlet Duct Replacement.
5. Perform the Throttle Learn Procedure. Refer to Throttle Learn.

Car Name: G6
Vin 4th digit: Z
Procedure: 4

Procedure 4 Throttle/Idle Learn
The engine control module (ECM) learns the idle position of the throttle plate to ensure the cor- rect idle. Anytime the throttle body is cleaned or replaced, the ECM must learn the new throttle position. The idle may be unstable or a DTC may set if the throttle position is not learned.
Conditions for Running the Throttle Learn Procedure
• DTCs P0101, P0102, P0103, P0107, P0108, P0111, P0112, P0113, P0506, and P0507 are not set.
• The engine speed is between 450-4,000 RPM.
• The manifold absolute pressure (MAP) is greater than 5 kPa.
• The mass air flow (MAF) is greater than 2 g/s.
• The ignition 1 voltage is greater than 10 volts.
Throttle Learn
Important: Do NOT perform this procedure if DTCs are set. Refer to Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) List - Vehicle.
1. Start and idle the engine in PARK for 3 minutes.
2. With a scan tool, monitor desired and actual RPM.
3. The ECM will start to learn the new idle cells and Desired RPM should start to decrease.
4. Ignition OFF for 60 seconds.
5. Start and idle the engine in PARK for 3 minutes.
6. After the 3 minute run time the engine should be idling normal.
Important: During the drive cycle the check engine light may come on with idle speed DTCs. If idle speed codes are set, clear codes so the ECM can continue to learn.
If the engine idle speed has not been learned the vehicle will need to be driven at speeds above 70 km/h (44 mph) with several decelerations and extended idles.
7. After the drive cycle, the engine should be idling normally.
If the engine idle speed has not been learned, turn OFF the ignition for 60 seconds and repeat step 6.
8. Once the engine speed has returned to normal, clear DTCs.


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Just did mine today. 58000 miles on 2009GT, I used CRC throttle body cleaner,old toothbrush,couple shop towels. Opened the throttle plate with my finger and sprayed and scrubbed with the tooth brush. Wiped it out and I let it air dry for roughly a half hour.I then used CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor cleaner on the Mass Air Flow Sensor,let that dry out and then I put it back together and a half hour later started it up,it chugged for a few seconds burning out any excess cleaner and now it idles fine. I had a very slight rough idle before this. Amazing alot of people don't know how easy this is.
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It doesn't even seem like a procedure. You just let the car idle for a few minutes after cleaning the throttle body. That seems like common sense.

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Removed my TB and cleaned it, Went to start and it fired right up. Let it run for 5-8 minutes before driving, no problems. All is FANTASTIC.
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i might need help with this one. ive tried the throttle relearn procedure noted further up but the vehicle still idles a 2500 rpm. i dont dare do the driving part of the relearn cause i am afraid i might damage the trans or engine if i shift into gear at 2500 rpm.

any pointers??
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Having the same issue as "oneandonly", does anybody have a fix for it?

Thanks in advance, posted a thread in "problems and solutions" but I thought it more appropriate afterwards to come to the source of the HOW TO. Had thoughts that I might get a more immediate response.

Thanks in advance!
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I tried to remove the throttle body on my '06 GT. I could only move it back about 1" as there seems to be a hard coolant line in place. I can only move it 1/4" in any one direction. Can I remove the throttle body without having to remove this line?

From what I could see, my intake has oil build up in it, and the inside of the throttle body, including the rear of the butterfly plate was nearly jet black. I figure without spraying that crap into the intake I can remove it and clean it more thoroughly.

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Installed engine w/ new clutch. I did clean the TB while I was at it, and of course now I have this issue too. Fires up and idles at normal 800 all day long until you touch the gas. Drove around with scanner hooked up to it and cleared P0507 every time it came up pending, only made it to MIL once. Seems to be a little better overall. At first it was staying at about 2000rpm. Now it usually stays around 1400 rpm. Sometimes it will still jump to 2000 but seems to come down on its own relatively quick. A few times while driving, the idle dropped to normal when I came to stops. Pushing clutch in while driving doesn't let it drop below 1400. I have figured out that when sitting, if I slowly let the clutch out and bog the engine a little, it will come down to 800 and stay there until I hit the gas again.

So deceleration and then extended idle period? Any more specific about that? Can't figure out why I did almost 100 miles highway/mixed driving, just to reset this thing and its only a little better than yesterday. Anything Im missing folks?

'07 GT 3900 manual trans(I can see how this would be an even bigger PITA for an automatic)
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No worries

I left mine alone and let it work its self out. Took nearly a week and a half but it straightened itself out. Just takes it a little while to perform the re-learn procedure. I wouldn't worry about it unless it goes on for a VERY long period of time.
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Oh yea...update. ^^^ I did what you said and drove the car(not knowing wtf to do about it, but need my car of course.) It did straighten out on its own. 48 hours/250 miles and she's back to normal. Now to figure out if the cruise needs relearned or I am having problems with brake switch. And NO my brake lights dont get stuck on. So I am at a loss for this one still...
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Cruise re-learn

I did not have to relearn any cruise on mine after the TB cleaning. It works fine for me; I have used it quite a bit since then.

That's just my experience with the situation. Yah never know whats going to go on with these cars, more modern they get, the more computers/sensors/relays goes in them, the more problems occur :P

Wish my 87 trans am wasn't so bad on gas so I didn't have to get rid of her. She had few problems and they ones she did was easy to fix. Ahh, the good old days.
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I just recently had a problem with my 2008 G6 with 171k miles. Got a p0121 for tps circuit. So i cleaned out the throttle body which was pretty dirty. (Clean around the bore, not the actual butterfly). After i set everything back up, i turned it on. It immediately jumped to 2500 RPMs(at idle) and was climbing fast. I checked the codes again and got a p0507 for high idle speed. So i let it sit for a min or two. Then took it for a test drive and it was idling at 5000 RPM! Brought it back. Did some research and found that in dirty TB cases, a relearn is necessary. Luckily i invested (pawnshop) on a Snap On Solus Ultra. (MUST RESET CODES FIRST) Went to engine settings, MODULE SETUP, and theres a button for idle relearn. With the key on, engine off, it did the relearn in less than 30 seconds it was done. Turned the car on, wualah! 700 RPMs at idle and no more CELs. Hope this helps u guys.
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