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HOW TO - Install OEM Fog Lights (The OEM way)

OK so the OEM way involves the BCM, I can't make that work, so I found a way to make it work without, Using the OEM fog lights, and OEM Switch.
With OEM fogs they stay off each time you turn the lights on, so you always have to hit the fog light button to turn them on if you want them on all the time.
Not with this setup.

Also with OEM fogs if you hit the fog light button at any point and the lights are off, the BCM automatically turns on the parking lights with the fog lights. Also not with this setup.

And when the lights and fogs are on, if you hit the high beams, the fogs will turn off. Also not with this setup.

Disclaimer: The following How-To is meant for referance purposes only. I am not responsible for any mishaps that may cause any damage or injury. If at any point you do not feel comfortable with any wiring then do not continue and seek more information or help before going ahead with the install. It's really easy to cross one wire, cause a dead short, and start a fire.

Now with that out of the way here's how I did it.

What you'll need:

Wire Stripper/Crimper

Panel Puller (or flathead screwdriver)

7mm and 10mm Sockets and Ratchets

Soldering Iron for those Secure Joints


First, A Pontiac G6 to install Fogs on

OEM Fog Switch and Harness

OEM Fog Lights (H11 Bulbs Included) I pulled mine apart and tinted the lenses with yellow lamin-x for the pure yellow look when on and off

Two H11 Connectors

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One Single Pull Single Throw (SPST) Relay (Single Pull Double Throw (SPDT) will work as well)

One Latching Relay (Hard to find, I ended up getting it from a UK based company)

A Fuse holder with a 15amp fuse (same fuse rating for OEM Fog lights)

Electrical Tape (I like Vinyl tape as opposed to PVC tape)

Heat shrink tubing

Covered Female Spade Connectors

Assorted Wires 14-16 gauge (The H11 Harness is 16 gauge)

3/8' Split Loom - for the clean OE look

Zip Ties to keep it all clean

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First thing I did was remove the front bumper, This was to help gain access to everything and to make it easier to snap pictures for you all to see what I did.

To remove the front bumper you'll have to remove 6 clips at the top of the bumper:
First by removing the insert...

Then by actually removing the clip.

After the 6 on top are pulled, you have 5 7mm bolts holding the center undertray on:

Once removed the tray will fold down like so:

Now there are 2 10mm bolts holding each corner of the bumper to the Fender, Here's a view looking up into the bottom of the wheel well:

Then you have one more 7mm in each wheel well:

And one more 7mm on each side on the bottom:

Then to finish off the fender liner and those under side panels you'll have to remove ("Christmas Tree" clips) I think 4 or 5 on each side (they look like this)

By this point you should have a bumper-less G6:
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Now at this point I snapped in the fog light housings.
Chances are your G6 didn't come with any fog lights, So the front lower grills look like this:

You will need to cut these out, Unfortunately I didn't cover this because I installed my old aftermarket fog lights behind them (it looked cool) But they quickly melted Thankfully only those grill pieces melted so I was able to just cut em out. I first used a pair of side cutters to snip them out, Then went at it with a dremel tool and sanding wheel to bring it down.
Finally I ran around the inside edge with some finer grit sand paper and smoothed it all down to look like this:

Now thankfully, the actual mounting points for these fogs are part of the bumper cover itself, not the little lower grill pieces. (Please excuse the holes in mine, that was from my previous install)

Here comes a really satisfying part of the install.
The Fog lights fit over those mounting points just like this:

Be sure the aiming screw is at the top, and the plug for the light points towards the ground (as if it were on the vehicle)
Then just push it firmly in, You'll hear two snaps as each snap clips into place:

Once snapped in place, it's not going ANYWHERE!

And from the front:
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Now comes the task of running all the wires and making all the connections.
I did my best to make it look OEM and keep everything as clean as possible.

First thing I did was run a length of red wire from the passenger side to the drivers side, I went through the split loom that was already attached to the front bumper. It was a bit tricky but I managed to just slide it in and all the way through.

After I pulled it out at the drivers side:

I pushed it back up into the loom and ran it towards the battery, then pulled it out there.
I then ran a second length of red wire from the same location, back through that loom just for the drivers side fog light.

With the power ran to each fog light It was then time to build each light harness.
I extended the wires to the H11 connectors as needed and grounded each fog light to it's own ground point on each side. This was to limit the resistance and excess wire and to aid in troubleshooting down the road... should that be necessary.
I used a self drilling screw to drill a hole to hold the ground wire. I used a bit of sand paper to take down the paint a bit for a clean solid ground:

For all my straight wire-to-wire connections I used solder and heat shrink for a clean and solid connection:

I then took my 3/8" split loom and started at the connector, and stuck in the two wires, I could then just slide it all the way up to the existing loom/harness.

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I then wrapped up the connector and joint with electrical tape for that extra clean look

I then did the same to the driver's side for a nice final result:

At this point I could focus on all my wiring

I did a MS Paint drawing of the basic circuit required to make this work.
Now the Latching relay will always be sending power to either circuit A or circuit B, and I wanted my fogs to turn on and off with the parking lights. So I needed a second standard relay.

The standard relay takes the signal from the parking light circuit to turn on the fog light circuit.

Once the fog light circuit is on I can use my fog light switch to turn the fogs either on or off, whatever selection I leave it as is what it will be the next time I hit the lights. The fog switch won't do anything if the parking lights are off.

(Please excuse the low quality drawing, It's been a long day)

When you turn on the lights with the mutli-function lever, or via the Auto Lights Feature) The BCM grounds a white wire that runs all the way to the trunk fuse box. The Parking Light Relay engages when it receives that ground signal and the parking lights come on.

You want to tap into this white wire I tried finding it in the BCM Harnesses and in the drivers side door sill harness.
There are multiple white wires in each harness. I tested about 4 per harness and none of them reacted to the parking lights circuit.

So I went into the trunk and removed the trunk fuse box.
After you pull out the carpet on the drivers side you'll see the fuse box. At the top of the box is a small tab in the center, Simply pull it towards you, then slide the box towards the rear of the vehicle, It'll pop right out.

With the box out, flip it over.
I found it easier to unscrew and unplug the red wire harness connector so I had more play with the box:

The white wire we need is towards the other end of the box:

It is that small white wire towards the top right, I pulled it out on it's own so you can see it. This wire is grounded when the parking lights are turned on.

I found it easier to cut a piece of tape that held all those wires together, gave me more wire to work with.

I took that white wire, cut off some insulation, and then split the wire like so

I then took my yellow signal wire and stuck it through the opening (This was supposed to be white wire but I forgot I had a roll)

I wrapped that all around, soldered it, wrapped it nice and tight with electrical tape and then wrapped the entire harness together
I ran my new yellow signal wire along with the harness and tucked it under the sill plate on the drivers side rear door and front door. I then brought it to my kick panel.

I had a white wire that was already ran through my firewall for my old fogs so I just soldered the yellow to the white in the kick panel and left it as is.
Then under the hood I could start connecting the first relay.

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At this point, you could run this signal wire to the relay, and connect your fog lights to the first relay, with this setup the fog lights will always be on with the parking lights, always, there's no turning them off unless you turn the parking lights off.

But I decided to go another route. That I will cover later.

At this point I went off on a tangent and decided to at least connect my power wire.

Adding the fuse is the last step

It started getting colder out so we decided to re-install the bumper at this point. Connecting the fog lights is as simple as plugging in the bulbs. You can add some dielectric grease to the plugs before plugging them in to help prevent any future corrosion, it takes a second and it's definitely worth it.

At this point I have my power wires ran and I have my Parking Lights ground signal wire ran.

So I ran two more wires through my firewall. A ground signal wire for the fog switch, and the fog light on/off indicator light wire.

I then got my nice new OEM fog light switch in place and ready to wire up
There are 4 wires that come off the factory switch harness:

The back ground wire I just connected to the ground wire of my subwoofer switch. A ground is a ground and it draws barely anything in current.

Now I connected the gray illumination wire so the button will light up like it should. After looking at some wiring diagrams I found it's a gray wire going to everything that lights up, I did some probing and found the gray wire on the end of the dimmer switch is that same wire, It provides power and dims the light on the switch
So I soldered and taped that one

Now my Fog Switch lights up and dims

I ran my switch signal wire (black) and my led indicator (yellow) to my latching relay

And the Parking Light signal wire (white) connects to the standard relay.
With the two relays completely connected we have this
Latching Relay on the left and Standard Relay on the Right

With the yellow wire connected to the fog lights power wire I now have my indicator working

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I then cleaned up the rest of the under hood connections, taped it up a bit, and tucked it all into some split loom

By the way, if you remove the clip that holds the washer tank neck, you can pull it straight out of the tank, as long as it isn't filled to the brim.

The biggest problem I was facing the entire time is where to mount my relays.
After much deliberation I decided to mount them to the core support between my ground and airbag sensor.
I disconnected the battery before drilling into the support right next to the sensor, just to be safe.

Now only one relay could actually be mounted, the Latching relay couldn't so I ended up screwing one in and using a zip tie for the other. I added a second zip tie towards the bottom to prevent the relay from dropping out the bottom.

I may be inclined to move these relays one day. But that'll require quite a bit of nice wiring again.

Now with everything connected I finally plugged in the 15a fuse. Closed that up, closed everything up into the battery box and All Done!

All that's left really is to aim them, all you need is a 4mm hex key, insert it into the little hole that is just above each fog light. It may take a minute before you actually hit the bolt. Then just turn it until they're aimed where you want them. There is only an up and down adjustment for these. You may need a longer hex key around 3"-3.5"

During the install I planned to use different color wires to keep everything easy to understand, but since I tend to plan everything in my head and just go with the flow, most of the wires ended up red and I know it may be crazy, but that's why I drew up the diagram to give a much better idea of what I did.

I started this probably around 2pm. After a few runs for connectors and food I finally finished around 10pm
But I took my sweet time, and did a lot of time killing with my buddy who was helping me out. All in all it wasn't a bad install and it was a nice hang out/tech day at the buddy's garage.


Any Questions or Comments please let me know.
If anything wasn't clear or you think I should change anything then also let me know.

I will be happy to answer any questions and help anyone out!

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very nice .. i have fogs in mine but found it interesting and the adjustment for the fogs was good info too. thanks.
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Great write up! Can you give some specifics on the latching relay? I'm having a little troubles locating it on Google.
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That was my biggest issue. I had to order it from a UK company. After shipping and exchange rates it was like $30. Here's the link.

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im about to install mine tomorrow but i think my g6 already had the wiring :O if not i will most likely look at this again THANKS
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Originally Posted by CruisinG6 View Post
That was my biggest issue. I had to order it from a UK company. After shipping and exchange rates it was like $30. Here's the link.
Thanks, brother!
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