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HOW TO - Clean the Throttle Body on the 2.4L 4 Cylinder

I decided to use this nice day off to clean my throttle body. So I took pics.
I normally do this every spring to keep it clean. But a neglected throttle body can get incredibly filthy. Any amount of grime on there can hinder performance or throttle response.

First here are some things you may experience with a dirty Throttle Body.

- Poor Throttle Response
- Decrease in MPG
- Rough or inconsistent idle
- Hesitation when accelerating from a stop
- Inconsistent acceleration

I did this on my 2.4L 4 Cylinder, the procedure is very much the same with the V6 engines, only difference is the position of the Throttle Body.
Also I have a plastic Intake Manifold, I'm not sure if the V6's do, I'll get into why this may matter later.

You will need:
- Flat head screw driver
- 10mm Socket Wrench
- TB/Intake Cleaner
- Rags/lint free paper towels

First you'll need to remove the intake duct and the engine cover to gain access to the throttle body. Since I have an intake it was a matter of removing one clamp.
Forgive me for not being able to cover removing the engine cover, but there is one hose clamp holding it to the throttle body that you can reach from the right side with a longer screw driver, you'll also need to remove the oil cap and you can simply pull up on the cover to remove it.
Some older 4 cylinders have a two-piece engine cover that isn't as involved to remove.

I decided to remove my Throttle Body and do a deep clean.
So first thing was to unplug it.
First you have to depress the center tab and then slide it out to the right to release the lock tab.

It will slide just a bit and then it should stop here, Don't pull it any further or you can loose that locking clip:

Now you can just push down on that clip and unplug it.

Now with it unplugged you can remove the 4 10mm bolts that hold it down, they shouldn't be very tight.

Just loosen the bolts, no need to pull them all the way out, You'll see why soon.

Now we have the throttle body removed:

Now here is why I said don't worry about removing the bolts all the way.
There are little rubber bushings in the throttle body designed to hold the bolts in place:

Now the reason I can remove this and replace it is because I have a rubber O-ring for a gasket, I'm not familiar with the V6 engines, but it's been my experience that, if they have a metal intake manifold there is often a paper gasket, that would likely need to be replaced if you pull the TB.

But Because I have a Plastic intake manifold they use a rubber O-ring that is Reusable.

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Since the Throttle Body is removed you can go ahead and clean the hell out of it, I use short bursts from the throttle body cleaner and wipe it out with my rag. I'll also spray the rag and use that to rub down any tough spots.

You can hold the plate open with your fingers and close it more as well, just try not to be too vigorous with it. Don't want to damage anything.

Once all is nice and clean you can go ahead and replace it.
Thread the bolts in by hand first then tighten them down with your wrench.
DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN, It's threaded into a metal sleeve pressed into a plastic manifold, it's easy to break things.
I just went until it got tight, then I went a wee-bit more. You can almost feel it push down the O-Ring Gasket

And there you have it! One completely clean throttle body.
Hopefully this has helped you out a bunch and improved your engine and fuel economy.

Any questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to post or PM!

Here is the cleaning/relearn procedure that Waterfowler posted:

Once all is completed it will be necessary for the engine's PCM to relearn the idle and throttle position.
The check engine light must be off - ensuring no current faults.
Typically it's just a matter of getting the vehicle up to operating temperature.
Then letting it idle in Park for at least 3 minutes.
They say to use a scan tool to monitor desired and actual RPMs, but not everyone has one.
This is just for monitoring, not being able to monitor it doesn't mean it won't learn.

Essentially that means anytime you start your car and let it sit and idle it will relearn the idle speed and many other sensors.
It's always monitoring and compensating to ensure everything runs as it should and meets emissions standards.

After idling for 3 minutes, shut it off and let it set for at least a minute.
Then fire it back up and let it run for another 3 minutes.
By now the engine idle should be smooth and consistent.

I should also note not to touch the throttle at all with your foot. If you hold it open a bit the engine will try to compensate, if it sits long enough it will throw a check engine light for engine idle speed too fast. I know because I did that without realizing my foot was on the pedal. haha

After replacing my Throttle Body my engine fired right up and ran perfectly fine.
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Awesome writeup!

My Progression

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dont forget to specify that the vehicle relearns its throttle body position and how it does it
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Good Point! I actually just came across a post that Waterfowler made that I'll also post the link to.

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Going to do this today. Thanks!

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This different for 3.5L V6?

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Most likely. I don't know which V6 it is but I hear there's a coolant pipe in the way making removal of the throttle body pretty damn difficult.

But you can still clean it on the car using similar techniques, you just can't get all the way in there to get EVERYTHING all nice and shiny clean.
But even getting some of it clean is better than leaving it all dirty.
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Great write up and pictures.
I have done mine a couple times and here are a couple differences I found that work for me.
Don't disconnect the battery. Don't disconnect the connector to the throttle body.
Don't move the throttle plate by hand at all. When you get the throttle body loose from the car but still connected by the wires, turn the key to "On" and press the gas pedal to the floor and hold it there with something. I used a 2x4 propped against the front edge of the seat. Use the seat adjustment to make it work. This opens the throttle plate and you can clean away until all shiny, just don't move the throttle plate and don't stick your fingers in there in case your 2x4 slips or something. I used throttle body spray cleaner and a toothbrush. I also put a sheet of plastic and an old towel over the open intake area to keep spray and crud out of the engine. When it is clean, remove the 2x4, turn the key to "Off" and reassemble. This process goes very quick and the car doesn't have to relearn anything. Just start it up and go.

One other thing - for that clamp underneath the engine cover I found it easier to use an 8mm socket with an extension rather than deal with a flat blade screwdriver slipping around in there.
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The 3.5 has a hard coolant pipe in the way. Its best just to hold the throttle body open and clean it carefully that way. They make a kit to do it. Im not near my car or i would take a picture of it but it works out well. I will take pictures when i do my engine swap later this year.

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I have a 2010 Pontiac G6 4 cylinder and I am having "reduced engine power" problems. After reading posts on the forum I think it might be due to the Throttle Body.
I attempted to follow the directions and I looked at a couple of different ways but i just cant seem to find the throttle body in my engine. Does anyone know where it is located on a 2010 4 cylinder engine? My engine also has this massive cover on it that i can't seem to remove.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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