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Exclamation Group Buy Interest: 3.6L Full Headers to Cat-back


I know I don't have a lot of posts here, but on G6P I have almost 800 posts, so I have linked to the other GB below incase you have questions.


UPDATED: August 13th.

I just got back from Milzy Motorsports. I spoke with Mike and Matt for more than two hours. They put the car up on the lift and took some looks. He's come back with a GREAT opportunity to get some serious performance boost with a full length header setup that will go all the way back to a cat-back. The best part is, he's designing it so that when someone is ready to do a turbo on the 3.6L there is a section of the pipe that will come out using a flange ring and allow you to use your aftermarket headers for the turbo piping.

As for details, these headers are going to be full mandrel bent and ceramic coated. The version he is making will be cat-less. He is expecting 20 - 25 horsepower at the wheels for this mod. Total cost will be $850.

To get this price, we need a minimum of 6 people. Here is the kicker, he is only going to honor this price for the first batch of 10 sets. The reason is, he's not sure if he can do it for $850 without loosing money and doesn't want to commit to a ton of batchs at a loss. So, if you are ever considering full headers, there is a chance that they may be more after this initial buy. As for the group buy, if it commences, we will be collecting a $400 non-refundable deposit once the GB starts. If we don't make it to the require number of 6, then all money will be returned. After the minimum of 6 is established, anybody wanting to backout will forfeit their deposit. This is to keep people from voicing interest and then not paying.

Update: The headers will be made with mild steel (most likely be using 14 gauge) and be ceramic coated. There will be bungs for the O2 sensors. If the vehicle doesn't already have a wideband, he says he'd put an extra in for that too. ALL headers, first set and after, will be made in house to control and ensure top quality.

At this time, he is not considering catalytic converters with these headers as to put them in the factory location would require the primaries to be extremely short and thus inhibit performance. If you need cats, consider putting them in after the cat-back flange.

I am going to check around on other boards that have the same platform as the 6er to see if there is any interest there. As for now, drop your name below if you are interested in participating.

1. 07GTPBlackAndTan (Nate)

P.S. Just in case you didn't know, headers without cats are for "off-road" use only and will not pass New Jersey or California emissions testing.

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