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Originally Posted by Lampoon View Post
OBX already makes one that deletes the cats and its only $350.

A tune is gonna run you another $300
easy and there are only two places in the US that can do it.

No cats and in most states you cant pass inspection.

Cudos for trying but I think that price is nuts.
Thanks for the cudos. I've heard a dozen different times that OBX headers are nothing but junk. Besides, they dont' make headers for the 3.6L, at least I haven't been able to find any. Plus, for those interested in doing headers, I would think since you're dropping $850 on an exhaust system that you are wanting to make the best performance vehicle anyway so if you didn't already have a tune, one was in your future anyway. And since the place that I bought my tune from gives me FREE updates, I have no issues.

I think $850 is pretty good considering a 1 off set would be more like $1300 and up. And so far, a minimum of 6 is the lowest minimum I've seen on a GB for headers less than $1000.
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