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Group Buy: Spyder Halo Projector Headlights

EDIT: Alright guys. The big commitment has hit it's peak. Refer to this thread for details regarding shipment and payment. https://www.g6ownersclub.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8044

I just got in contact with Ray from Spyder Auto today and this is his reply:

This is Ray from Spyder auto. Thank you for interested in our G6 head light and i heard that some forum members are trying to get a set as well. Let me know approximately how many members are getting it, i can have you to open a post and start a new group buy and i will announce the finally discount price again. Thanks
It would be in the best interest if we start fresh with the group buy.

Edit: Got a price range.

with 15+ people i can do around 160-180 without HID, 220-240 with HID. depends on how many people
New update:
thanks man, i am waiting for the good news, if you have help me push 20 +, i will give you guys a special deal. Even better deal. With HIDs
Spread the word. I'm sure the more people we get, the cheaper the price.

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