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Originally Posted by spoolinturbo
yea but thats ugly in my opinion. And reduced weight is always a benefit regaurdless of which wheels are receiving power, and can assist in giving it a better weight distribution after future weight savings for track events. That and just a better look. I like carbon fiber look. Im not going to go crazy with it but the hood is generally the best part to do.
I don't care for that hood either, but I thought I'd make sure you knew there were options out there. I'm not knocking the look of carbon fiber. There's a MR2 I walk by every day that looks like it was in the Fast and Furious movie. I wouldn't own it, but I think it looks cool.
I disagree that reduced weight is always a benefit, although, I guess it depends on what kind of racing you're into. Street racing and 1/4 mile strip, you'd want as much of the car's weight over the drive wheels as possible. Think of a pickup truck with an empty bed. They have a hard time jumping off a line. Now AutoX is another story, but I'm not convinced the G6 was designed for that kind of performance. That's all I was trying to say.
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