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A fiberglass hood is going to weight at most 3-5 lbs more than a carbon fiber one, so does it make that much of a difference... nope! Second, this G6 as sporty as it looks to me was not meant to be a "race" car, sure it might be quick but it's not going to run 10's. The number one mistake I saw people do during my "import scene" time were these people who took seemingly beautiful cars and made them ugly. Shopping cart handle spoilers, coffee can mufflers, racing stripes and countless other worthless addons! Carbon fiber while surving a purpose in weight reduction to me is useless and a waste of probably a grand, think of what that grand could do to really help you down the track, as in lowerin springs, coilovers and a kick ass set of tires are going to help you more than dropping 12lbs of weight! If you want to drop some real weight and gain power, loose leather (weighs more than cloth), A/C even if its not on drains power, as well as power steering (the 2 brackets for those prolly weight in at 10+ lbs)... I would be willing to bet that your backseats weight in heavier than 25lbs! This is all IMO though!
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