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Mobil 1 Aluminum Engien Plaques! $5.50 Shipped

Here's a nice little piece of flare for the engine bay. I've had these on all my cars as I always use Mobil 1. They a actual GM items (GM #: 10236268). I quite possibly can get a group buy on these with 12 commited people for $4.00 each (Usually sell for $10.00 at the stealership). How this will work is the company I can get these through offer free shipping with the first $50.00 order and what will happen is I will order these, ship them to my house and then mail them to you in an envelope (about 1.50). This will save you all $5.00 on the shipping they charge for individual orders.

So.. You'll get a $15.00 GM alumium applique plaque for the engine bay for about $5.50 shipped. They are aluminum with a vinyl covering.. pretty nice, really! These are installed on the Corvette from the factory only.

Here's one applied to the engine bay in my Contour SVT. Yes, she ALAWAYS got 5w-30 Synthetic Mobil 1. They have an adhesive on the back and install instantly on a cleaned surface. WIll not dull, damage, dent, come off, etc.

So, I want 12 orders to make this happen. Cheap but a really cool engine bay addition!

$5.50 Shipped.. who's in?! You want cheap and cool mods.. by God this is one!

1. CoupeOfG6

2. Adrenaline Junkie
3. LoJac
4. TLS2000
5. CoupeofG6

Edit: look, I'm even gonna buy 2!! Cool thing to add to a tool box or work bench. These are METAL with a vinyl overlay. They are stamped and anodized the way they look. They are thick, too.. about a 1/4". This is not some "sticker!!!!" You'll be amazed when you get them..that's all that needs to be said.

Visit this link for more info. You do not have to register for that forum to view or get in on it, just post here or PM me and I'll make sure you are in. This go for all GB's I bring to you. I will be accepting paypal, checks, MO.


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