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  • ashadaman ·
    does anyone know if the driver side door lock is connected by a little plastic piece on the inside of the door, cause my driver side door wont lock, it doesnt even move when i hit the button, all the other doors lock
    ashadaman ·
    has anyone been insidde the drivers side door, cause my driver side door wont lock, the lock doesnt even move, is it connected by a little plastic, or metal piece, that might have broken or fell of somehow
    aLienationz ·
    hey man hows it goin... do u know how I get my sticker package I signed up for the lifetime package. and havent gotten anything yet
    KB G6 ·
    Yeah getting a bit bored. It's been the same questions over and over. Plus trying to get over a pesky cold and things at work have been busy. Also bought a house so had bunches of things on my mind.
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