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  • danchoi123 ·
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    hbanwart ·
    I have checked under the hood and on the passenger side. I remembered yesterday that there was fuse box in the trunk. I pulled up a diagram of it and there are no HVAC fuses in that box. The only fuse that is related to my problem is the RR Defrost fuse. But its not just the rear defroster that's not working, its my entire system.
    hbanwart ·
    Hi I am having trouble with my car.. my HVAC panel has stopped working so I have no heater/ac/defroster and I have searched and searched for answers and I am still empty handed. Do you know anything about how to go about fixing this? I have checked all of the fuses that I can think of to check and none of them were blown. Thanks in advance
    M&M ·
    I live in san Antonio ...just needed some help on some troubles I'm going thru...I just got my g6 gt and it only has one muffler tip I want to put two of them hoe do I go about it ? Do I need a muffler with dual outlets?
    GRAFXG6 ·
    i purchased a crab intake and this will be my first year having to pass smog do you know if i will need a carb sticker or not ? and how will i go about getting one if needed thanks in advance.
    MarvelousOne_87 ·
    Hey Lampoon can you look at my Vin 1g2zh58n574168267 and tell me if I can remote start added or if it's on my car at all? I'm getting confused with what I'm reading about my car.I think have the 15252034 code so I ordered that remote. Which the code is Ap8 which is remote starter prep or is just keyless entry equipped?
    willyworm22 ·
    Haha that could contribute to it. Without the other mods that you have do you think it would make better mpg for my vehicle because that is the main thing that I am looking for on my vehicle.
    willyworm22 ·
    How did the WAMS tune affect your car MPG wise and power? I am thinking about doing it but want to make sure it is what I want first.
    HudsoMotors2h ·
    Hey, I am just curious as to which body kit you have on your car. Love your car BTW. I saw that you said it was a GM kit. Also what did you do for your badges? I noticed you have Blue Pontiac badges before you changed to your Concept ones. But where did you get them or did you just spray paint them?

    Thank You =)
    pwrofthearc ·
    Hello there Lampoon!

    My name is Alex and I've surfed this forum for a few months seeking G6 advice from reading different threads but never actually signed up haha. I've had my '07 G6 for years and I've recently gotten into modding it. Thanks to this forum I now have the CRAB installed already and now I come seeking guidance regarding an exhaust system. You seem to be a very reputable person on this forum and perhaps you might have the knowledge I've been seeking :) My 07' G6 (V6) sedan is single outlet and I have heard about a "GT-R" exhaust a lot and something about needing a custom valance part for it but I can't seem to actually find out specifics or pricing about the actual exhaust system itself and if it is good for my vehicle or should I just stick with the commonly mentioned Magnaflow Cat-back single exit exhaust system? Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to some guidance from a senior member!

    best regards,
    BrianG6ntry ·
    Is MPD the only company that makes a ram air hood for the g6? Id like to have the direct ram air, but I really dont care for the look of the MPD.
    G6V606GT ·
    If I ever come across you (which I am almost positive I wont) I will kick your tail!!!!!! :p You are just jealous, thats all ;)
    jncgitrdun ·
    Hey I got an 05 gt and I was looking into the crab intake does it come with a conplete black finish or they all Crome? I was looking at the k&n cuz of the perforance and it's all black
    k10man ·
    Hey man, I recently bought Crabs CAI Option 3 and was wondering if it would be in my best interest to do a tune...and if so how would I go about getting a tune done?
    prototype7 ·
    I have gotten many mixed answers on my question so I am hoping you can provide me with a definite answer. I need/want to replace my rear bumper cover and perhaps valance with an aftermarket bumper/valance. I have an 2007 3.9L convertible, will a coupe bumper/valance fit on a convertible. I am browsing to see what bumpers are out there any reliable sites you can offer. I have looked into the vendor pages on the website.
    Mattchew ·
    Hi im new but recently having small annoying problems with my g6 first thing was my driver door speaker would cut in and out and hasn't worked for a week so i finally took the door panel off and it was the actual speaker that didn't work the connection/wiring was fine. Then today i got in my car and my seat belt buckle or clip is broke (the part that the belt clips into) it just is hard to push in and the button does nothing. And then i noticed that i haven't seen the little red light On the dash (the security light) flash on my g6 for a while just never thought anything of it. i remember it used to always flash every 3-5 seconds maybe longer interval i don't know. and i just remembered that before all this my remote worked and sometimes doesn't so i switched to my other remote and it does the same thing. also i feel like i don't have a lot of power in till it shifts to 2nd or sometimes 3rd gear please help o and its a 2006 g6 v6 there is almost 83,000 miles on the car
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