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  • coastiejoe ·
    Hey Lampoon.
    I know that you have an HID kit on the Eagle Eye projectors. What bulb type do you have? The website I got them from said to use an H7 but the back of the headlight says H11
    mekb27 ·
    hey, can you do me a favor? "08 wp tc" is selling his crabs. Can you tell me if it would fit my 07 GTP with the DOHC....if not, how much for me to get crabs...and what type of gains can i expect with & w/o the shinny intake tube. Thank you
    ck08G6 ·
    I Do feel a gain from the intake if you could stand up for me on the other site. Lol Its killing me not to be able to say anything. Also with the intake can any harm come from it? I Dint think anything but just checking.
    Pr0cl1v1ty ·
    Hey Lampoon, I'm looking to get Cold Air Intake, and also a hood for my g6. Can you lead me into directions for these? :)
    GSIX33 ·
    Hey Lampoon. I want to paint my interior accent trim. i was wondering if you have previously posted a "how to" to go about removing the trim pieces. but if not could you please explain. Thanks in advance.
    Darin.Overturf ·
    Hey, man. I haven't been on the forum for a while - internet on my ship doesn't work that well so the site takes forever to load up. Anyways, I am coming home soon and want to get one of your CRAB intakes. Do you have any in stock right now? It will be about a month before I order it.
    ashadaman ·
    hey im new to the g6, i have a question, bye chance would you know if the locks on the doors are connected by a little plastic piece, so they can lock and unlock, cause my driver side door wont lock, the lock doesnt even move, and i am just wondering if anyone had ben inside the door to know this question
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