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  • Lampoon ·
    Im not sure....Since the tail lights are different I would expect not.
    COntact your local dealership parts counter and ask them.

    Get the GT vert back valance so you have dual outs! ;)
    prototype7 ·
    I am new to the forum world so hopefully this is what is considered PMing. lol Anyhow, thank you for the info. I got a list of things I have planned for this car. Any experience ever take the headliner out of the HTC to get at the components. I am hearing a rattle noise and wanted to fix it. I've read the Service Bulletins and was planning on doing the corrections myself.
    Droptop Diamond ·
    Had to make 2 messages (another reason PM's are better):

    As for prices, I don't remember exactly but the CRABs were around $250; the STB was about $100, and the GT-R was about $675 shipped.
    Droptop Diamond ·
    Hey welcome and thanks for the message. Actually it would be better to contact others via Private Message, as that way they get an e-mail notification (at least I do). I just happened to notice this message while answering a PM.

    CRAB intake won't give tremendous gains, but will help. Also I have the GT-R exhaust and the intake is supposed to be complementary to that. I can't say for sure because I had the intake on already. With the intake your engine will sound a bit more aggressive too. With the GT-R, it will sound a LOT more aggressive. I'm very happy with both.

    Also I would HIGHLY recommend the STB (Strut Tower Brace) for the convertible. It makes the car much more stable in cornering. I have the GM Malibu version but there are a couple others out there that have good reviews. Search for STB or strut tower brace to see some threads on them.

    Welcome and enjoy the top-downness :glasses3:
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