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  • Gljorge ·
    Hi. I'm new to this, so I think I posted a question, but not sure.....can you tell me if you see it under my name? Thanks!
    [email protected] ·
    as a unknowing visitor on the following A. which chat program should i download? which one would give me greater access to mods/admins? B my handle is [email protected] and it is a A/C problem for a 07 g6. if you read it some of the things in it cames from a forum and can't find it again. if you move it to the correct spot would be a big help and why do i have a check mark and not a chevron like everybody else? i also saw a list of chat programs to use and i can't even that now. i am 62 and trying the best i can. thank you for anything you can do for me chris
    TurtleT ·
    thanks for the reply
    i'd like to talk to you about that socshe converter

    when you get time
    could you text me at
    509 XXX-XXXX
    I would very much appreciate it
    thank you
    Ladybug50! ·
    i am having problems pairing my apple iphone 5c to my bluetooth system...and can't find a solution and don't know where to look on here as GM told me to go to this site for answers...my cell carrier is Sprint, my boyfriends samsung galaxy 4 connected right away but does not connect with my apple phone...i am at a lost on what to do....any advice would be helpful
    Pintoman ·
    Say brotha, its good to see you're still here. Hope all is well with you and the 6. I know you all may need to ban me but no biggie. All I wanted to do was stop by to say hey, That went over like a fart in church. haha.

    Take care pal, I won't be back to irritate anymore.

    Mike (Geewhiz)
    Dope BlackGods ·
    Hello I am new and a bit of car ignorant so I have a question. I am installing an aftermarket Radio in my 2006 Pontiac G6 Coupe but my metra wiring harness does not support the 12+v acc ignition wire. I have found out I have to connect to the fuse but the thing is, I dont know how to run the wire from the radio to the fuse. Can you help?
    dprice53 ·
    i dont wish to bother you but i cant figure out how to post a thread so i can ask if anyone knows what is wrong with my 08 G6
    whiteG6AL ·
    Can you please tell me if you have ever heard of a 07 G6 3.5 that driving down the road the radio turns on, the check engine light came on and the temperature hit peak. Oh and lastly the oil life computer this morning was at 76% and now when this happened is at 0% and states change oil soon. Can you please tell me what is going on?
    08GXPSF ·

    So Im new to this forum and I saw your car pictures and was wondering how/where did you put and get your LED lights for your interior?
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