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  1. My Girl, a WIP

    Members' Rides
    I just noticed that it is debadged and that the mirror caps and assembly have been painted.
  2. My Girl, a WIP

    Members' Rides
    Nice looking car. Well worth looking after!!
  3. Hardtop convertible not working

    G6 GXP Discussion
    I will suggest two things. 1. Cruise this site. There is a lot of information on it. 2. If you expect someone to help you, you will need to provide a lot more information than you have. To say that my roof will not go back up, can you help me is not enough. Ie. What happened just before this...
  4. How To Program FOB

    General Maintenance
    One guy did it for 80 for me and another for 50. Both said they could not get the remote to start to work. Which seemed a strange. Make sure they check that it is turned on in the radio menu after they are done, before anyone panics.
  5. Intermittent Traction/ESC light

    Problems and Solutions
    Sorry DX, have had similar issue but no solution that I have come across to date. Was hoping that someone would post a solution... Maybe they will yet!!
  6. Skirt Panels on 07' G6, How do you take them off?

    Problems and Solutions
    You are asking me to answer a question that I can not answer with confidence. What kind of trim kit? Why not use the stock one? Is it broken? If stock is good, why not use it? Is there any modifications required for the trim kit you are referring to?
  7. Windshield fluid not spraying

    Frequently Asked Questions
    If you can hear the pump running, don't change the fuse. Check to make sure the pump is not running. Before changing anything. Lift your hood and check to see if the hose might be broken along the way from the pump to the nozzles.if it you will need to get it replaced or repaired. Keep the hood...
  8. 2009.5

    Members' Rides
    Unfortunately!! But I look at it like this. I can not afford the big boys toys but a few more dollars for a hood or front bumper cover I can. It is my only fun hobby. I drink very little, I don't smoke or chase the ladies so I will not be denied a hood or front bumper cover. If you want to...
  9. How do I install new trunk shocks?

    Thanks for posting your results. I wish more people would do so. Yes both of my cars will stay in the exact position they have been left in. I hope they last a long time. If you can avoid using the trunk when it is cold is your best bet for longevity!
  10. O8 g6 gt engine

    Problems and Solutions
    I have two 3.9 s and both have the filter on the front ,I do believe.?
  11. Passenger seat removal

    Problems and Solutions
    I agree with rebel, before i had made any changes to my seats, I called the authorities responsible and asked them if I could do as I had planned. They said I could but that I would not have the SRS airbags that function in my seats. It did not matter to me because the car was never equipped to...
  12. 2009.5

    Members' Rides
    My 2007
  13. 2009 g6 gt

    New Member Introductions
    Ok thanks Nate. If it cranks and does not start, have you check to see if it has spark or not? Is it getting fuel or not. If you have the answer to these questions, that should help lead you in the right direction. If you have one without the other, try to target the one you don't have. Rebel...
  14. 2010 Pontiac g6 HELP

    General Maintenance
    Read my thread"car dies after filling with fuel". I know they are expensive but I would say the fuel pump after my experience. My code reader had multiples codes in it noon of which lead me directly to the fuel pump. The car is already ten years Old if you go back to the build date.
  15. 2009 g6 gt

    New Member Introductions
    Why not Listen to your mechanic? I just went through a fuel pump fix. I could have sworn it was not the fuel pump but in the end it was. My retired father in law and my brother-in-law both mechanics by trade said fuel pump. Took it to gm garage. After swallowing my pride, it runs perfect so far.
  16. Convertible trunk lid adjustment

    Problems and Solutions
    I bought 2 sets of the pm 1028,s through Amazon. Then lift depot sent one replacement set first,,,, and it worked sweet. Yesterday I received the second set of the 6774 strong arms. They are working just as I see them working. So if they last they are good. Try to get your money bacK. Convertme
  17. 0 RPM while driving?

    Problems and Solutions
    Although my symptoms were not the exactly the same they sound very familiar to me. Check your fuel pumps as a start.
  18. Car will die when fuel tank is full

    Problems and Solutions
    Called Thursday They got the car in Friday Picked it up Saturday at 1:30 Can't get much better than that....but I think I got a little lucky. The farmers are all busy farming in and around the small community where this dealer located. I will take it though, I did drive by several city dealers...
  19. Car will die when fuel tank is full

    Problems and Solutions
    Thanks for all of your input everyone!
  20. Car will die when fuel tank is full

    Problems and Solutions
    Went to the gm dealer today. There is a vent in the fuel pump that went haywire causing fuel to get into the vapor canister and the charcoal filter and causing me the issues as described earlier in this thread. Had all the parts but decided to go new with an aftermarket fuel pump by Carter. The...
1-20 of 124 Results