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  1. Console cup holder insert

    Problems and Solutions
    Yes, precisely. The fins work very well to hold cups. Unfortunately some of the fins wear out/break after 10+ years of heavy use.
  2. Console cup holder insert

    Problems and Solutions
    Does anyone have a part number and/or know of a source for the rubber cup holder insert in the console? The kind with 4 rubber fins in each well. The gm parts listings I found on line show the cupholder but no part number.
  3. How to remove fuel tank

    Problems and Solutions
    With a fuel transfer pump, manual or electric. Like this: https://www.amazon.com/Koehler-Enterprises-RA990-Multi-Use-Transfer/dp/B0181EDCZ6/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=fuel+transfer+pump&qid=1570763003&sr=8-6
  4. 07 pontiac g6 gt convertible 3.9l radiator hose popping off(upper)

    Problems and Solutions
    He means get rid of the spring-type hose clamp (if that's what is on the car now) and get a worm drive clamp (the type you tighten with a screwdriver). Personally I doubt that a spring clamp would pop off for no reason, I would look carefully to see what may be wrong with the radiator or the...
  5. Intermittent Traction/ESC light

    Problems and Solutions
    I've had the trac/esc light come on randomly about once every couple of weeks for a while. It goes off at the next key-on and car works normally. Has anyone seen this and found the cause? I did re-grease the BCM connector, that didn't fix it.
  6. Calling all convertible owners

    G6 Buyer's Guide/General Information
    Elroy, please post your questions here so everyone can see the answers. We can all benefit from shared knowledge and expertise.
  7. Temp guage not working

    Problems and Solutions
    Do not replace thermostat unless you're sure it's defective. It's a lot of wasted work if it isn't. If the gauge NEVER comes up from zero, it's not the thermostat. With a thermostat stuck open it will take a long time but the engine will eventually come up to temperature so the gauge will...
  8. Aux line signal not amplified. 08 GT Conv

    Frequently Asked Questions
    No, the aux input works fine and doesn't bypass the amp. First check to see that your phone puts out normal signal by connecting it to a home stereo or similar. Or hook up a different phone to your G6 radio and see if it is louder. Also try a different cord. If it's the radio, you can get a...
  9. Installing an aux port on a 2007 G6 GT

    Car Audio, Video and Security
    G6YYZ08: You should start a new thread, your issue has nothing to do with the subject of this thread.
  10. Front end noise.

    Problems and Solutions
    Did you have this noise before you replaced all those parts?
  11. Recent G6 Purchase- likelihood I made a mistake?

    G6 Buyer's Guide/General Information
    These cars are reliable and durable if properly and promptly maintained. At that mileage, front end parts are going to start needing replacement due to wear. Lower control arms, tie rod ends, sway bar links and bushings, struts and so on. Just replace them in pairs/sets as they fail, not a big...
  12. "Service Position" for the convertible top...

    Thanks for the heads-up. I didn't know about this. Just bought a set of straps for when I eventually need them. Very, very useful.
  13. 2006 gtp sedan 6 speed manual???

    G6 Buyer's Guide/General Information
    What makes you think you have a 4-speed? There is no such thing as a European G6. The same F40 trans was used in all versions of the Epsilon platform. G6, Saab 9-3 and Opel Vectra.
  14. Car will die when fuel tank is full

    Problems and Solutions
    Not really. Water vapor is a product of combustion. When the pipes are cold, that vapor condenses and you sometimes see it come out of the tailpipe in liquid form. As the pipes heat up, no more condensation and any previous condensate boils off. Not sure how you determined "moisture" in the 2...
  15. Car will die when fuel tank is full

    Problems and Solutions
    There are two separate things. One, some cars used to have fuel return lines. They kept fuel moving, anything pumped up and not used at the injectors went back to the tank. This was a recirculation system to keep fuel from boiling at the engine end. I don't believe anybody does that anymore for...
  16. Car will die when fuel tank is full

    Problems and Solutions
    So what happens when it dies? Does it restart with no trouble? Does it keep dying until you use half a tank? How often does it die?
  17. Double Din Stereo

    Car Audio, Video and Security
    So when you convert to the 2009.5, where are the buttons for the DIC?
  18. Convertible exhaust pipe change...

    Powertrain Performance Modifications
    I'm on board with everything you said except for this part. What exactly constitutes "working hard"? Well, if you do a max acceleration run, like a drag race, you will be developing 13hp more. So the engine will be 13hp more stressed mechanically. Definitely working harder, not less. If you're...
  19. 08 GT Tire Pressure Problem

    Problems and Solutions
    Yes. Your sensors are 11 years old if they have not been replaced. The batteries are only good for 7-8 years. Time for new sensors.
  20. howdy from a Pontiac(G6 gt) NEWBIE

    New Member Introductions
    If only one tpms is not reading, almost certain you just need a new tire sensor. Batteries are good for 10yrs max, so if original, they are at the end of life.
1-20 of 163 Results