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  1. Front end noise.

    Problems and Solutions
    No I'm afraid I have not. I was at a diagnostic update class last week and there must have been 30 guys there from different shops all dumbfounded. Next step is have my step dad give me some input, he is a engineer and airline mechanic. See if he has any thought, I'm pretty good but no where his...
  2. Front end noise.

    Problems and Solutions
    That's is some good I formation there. These are the type of answers and feed back I'm looking for. Not the obvious but the obscure one in a thousand type of occurances.
  3. brake switch/light issues

    Problems and Solutions
    The metal pins in the connectors need to be replaced. Newer cars have plated pins, if the contacts are not 100% you get micro arching and deposits of carbon which is why the problem gets slowly and progressively worse over time. It causes all sorts of unexplainable problems because it's similar...
  4. Front end noise.

    Problems and Solutions
    Yes the noise was there and it has new sway bar links and lower control arms with ball joints and control arm bushings. One of my coworkers suggested I take off the cover under the steering column then drive around and put my foot on the intermediate shaft and see if that's it.
  5. Front end noise.

    Problems and Solutions
    Useally I answer questions, well I have replaced my entire suspension, Struts, springs, bearing plates, ball joints, lower control arms with bushings, inner and outer tie rod ends. Sway bar links, Hub bearings, Pads and Rotors, new aftermarket rims. Had Alignment done. There is absolutely...
  6. Ignition Key Programing

    Problems and Solutions
  7. Ignition Key Programing

    Problems and Solutions
    Open door, insert new key. Turn to the run position (do not attempt to start) turn the radio, climate control, ect.. all off. set a timer for 10 minutes. After ten minutes, turn off the ignition, do not remove the key, wait at least 5 seconds but less then 10 seconds in the off position. Turn to...
  8. Rebuilding the front end on a 09 G6 GT

    Problems and Solutions
    Rebuild front end Ya I do this for a living so I am estimating it should take me about 4 or so hours. What is going to considerably shave off time is I got the struts complete so no monkeying around swapping springs and bearing plates on the struts. Also my lower control arms I ordered with...
  9. Rebuilding the front end on a 09 G6 GT

    Problems and Solutions
    Starting this saturday I will rebuilding the entire front end on my girls GT. Its a 09 and has 100,00k miles. I will replace struts, hub bearings, tie rod ends both inner and outer, sway bar links, lower control arms, ball joints. It will be on YouTube if anyone has any questions or needs to see...
  10. What would prevent the Key Fob from working?

    Car Audio, Video and Security
    Thats funny because I fixed our last night. The battery came de-soldered from the board. I re-soldered it and 10 minutes later and a new battery. Done. I had this happen before though, the little pieces attached to the rubber buttons wears off. I took a old remote control and cut some of them...
  11. How many miles on your G6? Any 100kers?

    General Maintenance
    106,000 now. Got it with 96,000
  12. Seat swap

    Appearance Modifications and Lighting
    The wiring is usually there all ready. You will have put the relays in the fuse box and fuses. If not hit up your local junkyard.
  13. Weird question...

    Steering Lockup Issues & Discussion
    Depends on a lot of variables, need more info. What engine and transmission is in both cars? If you type your VIN number here, it will decode your VIN so you know exactly what your car has. :surprise:
  14. Passenger side front caliper sticking?

    Problems and Solutions
    Thats why I put slotted and drilled rotors on ours with ceramic pads. They help dissipate heat, which is hard on brakes. You can get a full set of pads and rotors like mine for $160 delivered right to your front door. Free shipping. Just make sure to lube the slide pins real good. It is usually...
  15. Passenger side front caliper sticking?

    Problems and Solutions
    So here is expert advice, if the slide pins stick, it causes the outboard pad to wear faster, if the piston sticks, it causes the inboard pad to wear faster. The piston can be sticking because of build up inside, a swollen seal and also if a brake line , the rubber one near the caliper has...
  16. Cost of replacement keys

    Problems and Solutions
    I had a guy who worked at Home Depot argue that I HAD to have that $140 dollar key for a Chrysler. (irrelevant). RFID is the same on most cars. I made him reluctantly match up the blank that was the same as my key without a chip which was a older Caravan key. I then made him come out and watch...
  17. Cost of replacement keys

    Problems and Solutions
    Do you know you can take the plastic rubber of the top of your key carefully and remove the small RFID chip. You can them take the cover off the steering column and glue this right under where the ignition key goes and then get regular keys made which then do not have to have the chip in them...
  18. Coolant Leak

    The Midwest
    Not only have been fixing cars since the early 90's but also worked for a radiator shop I have seen this and know why first hand. The Intake gaskets leak. This is because #1 Dex-cool has been proven in a court case to eat gaskets after about 50,000 miles. It gets acidic and eats away at those...
  19. Rear valve cover gasket

    General Maintenance
    Yes and it is one that not many people know about or have considered as I really came up with it on accident. Rock your car with the engine off, in park, back and forth, this makes the engine rock back and forth. When the engine rocks forward pull or push the Emergency brake (depends on floor or...
  20. if you are having retractable top problems...

    Problems and Solutions
    Good tip In my 25 years experience repairing cars, anywhere wire looms bend; ie doors, trunks, retractable tops is a excellent starting point and usually the only place, as it is the spot for breaks in wiring. Another odd similarity is almost all cars, no matter make nor model, it ends up being...
1-20 of 71 Results