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G6 Sedan Base Model
Deep Red
Being as though I am a crab and possess the natural urge to direct my life towards familiar shell-fish behaviors, I hatched into the tides seeking a life of vice and thrill in contrast of witnessing a lifestyle that nature had planned for my mother and kin. Coexisting with humans was very challenging at first. People would say "Hey crab! Shouldn't you be on the beach walking sideways and sleeping all day?" or "You're never going to make it as an O.G. kingpin and you can't be a famous rapper, you're a crab!" It was demoralizing to hear such doubt in my success. This made my confidence dissolve into nihility and finding love had been hopeless, after all, I am crabsexual. But despite the overwhelming odds of making it to be the kingcrab, I pushed myself to walk forwards, and after awhile I could even walk backwards! I had proven my seriousness to many and after many molts, I had honeys, money, guns and law enforcement right in my pinchers. I had done many violent, evil things to claw my way to the top, and the law couldn't keep up while my crew and I represented in my G6 sedan. #crablivesmatter
2008 Pontiac G6 Sedan Base Model (Deep Red)


Bass boost
Wheel and Tire
spinners shaped to a crabby fashion. Gotta represent



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