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  1. Problems and Solutions
    I bought this 08 G6 GT Convertible in Late November and it’s been back and forth to the dealership because of the check engine light. The code that keeps coming up is P0174 (System too lean) Bank 2, don’t mind dealership having my car but they don’t seem to car about my needs of transportation...
  2. General Maintenance
    So after some videos on switching my stereo to an aftermarket one. I’ve heard I must go to the dealership and unlock my radio, others saying not but that I need and interface and or a harness, I have a “Boss616UAB” stereo with a harness already and I’m curious if thats enough (Extremely new to...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys on Friday I am buying a 2008 G6 GT 4dr sedan 3.5L V6. It has 93,000 miles on it and I'm buying for $3400USD. It has only been owned by 1 guy with 0 accidents and he claims it has been well maintained it's whole life (has all service receipts). Wondering if this is a good buy? How long...
1-3 of 3 Results