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  1. HOW-TO
    I have a 2006 GTP and torque converter in the 4t65e went out threw metal through the whole thing. Motor runs great. I have a 2009 Saturn aura with the 3.6 and 6 speed auto. Motor does not run had a timing chain fail. I cannot find information on this swap but I am wondering if anyone has ever...
  2. Powertrain Performance Modifications
    I have an 09 GXP with the 3.6, and from what I've gathered there is no speed part aftermarket. I've been told to replace the engine mounts, port the heads, exhaust and cold air intake and not much else. Just curious if anyone has successfully found anything else.
  3. Problems and Solutions
    Hello all, having an alternator part number issue here. I have a 2008, G6, GXP, 3.6L. Replaced the alternator twice so far, so now I am looking for a new one instead of re-manufactured. However, I am running into a plug issue. I know the alternator is 125amp, 6 groove pulley. The part...
1-3 of 3 Results