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  1. General Maintenance
    06 G6 coupe convertible 3500 v6. The ac is blowing hot. Clutch engages, fans are on but not at higher rpm such as when the ac is building cold air. High pressure switch is operating as expected. Blend door changes venting location no problem. Expansion valve? What else should I check?
  2. Problems and Solutions
    So i installed an aftermarket radio in my shop class during the winter and now that it's warm i tried switching from defrost to front facing air and switching to cold air and nothing, i tried a code reader and it said its having trouble detecting the climate control unit which is odd because...
  3. Problems and Solutions
    I have a 2008 G6 (3.5L engine). We had the first heatwave of the year, so I turned on the A/C and... not much. The air was a little cool, but it wasn't ice cold like it was last year. Today is much cooler, and I tried it on my trip to AutoZone. The air coming out was cool, but it wasn't...
  4. General Maintenance
    Hello all, So I was having an issue with my Ac in my 2009.5 G6 base model it would blow 16 degrees diffrence between the driver side and passenger side the driver side being the hot side i Google some ac info on gm cars i read that if the battery was changed and that if they didnt wait for the...
  5. Problems and Solutions
    I just got a 2005 G6 GT and it's driving me nuts that it defaults to outside air vent intake every time I start the car. So I have to switch to recirculate every time! I rarely want outside air in hot dusty Phoenix, AZ. And when I want outside air, I open the window or sunroof. Is there any...
  6. Problems and Solutions
    Alright, my buddy and I installed a new ac system minutes the evaporator core. New lines, pressure switch, compressor, condenser, expansion valve. Did a vacuum for a hour, let it sit for a additional half hour to check for leaks. Didn't drop pressure at all. Go to add freon and the compressor...
1-6 of 6 Results