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  1. FAQ
    My whole sound system cuts in and out except for the tweeters, and I believe this comes from an issue or loose connection with the amp. I saw someone else had this same issue with the monsoon system, but I don't have the monsoon system. I looked under the carpet on both the passenger and...
  2. Problems and Solutions
    Just got my 07 g6, I have a problem eith a trunk leak (we're guessing sunroof drains, just got plugs,) and it dripped into my amp and corroded the connectors and the amp. If it may be something else it would be a blessing for any help. For the amp I've been trying to find 15238473, however I...
  3. Car Audio, Video and Security
    I have a monsoon amp in my trunk and my stereo says monsoon when I cut it on. But when I was going to change out the rear speakers I noticed there are only 2 speaker wires like normal connected instead of the 4 what does this mean?
  4. Car Audio, Video and Security
    I have an 2008 g6. Where yall say the amp should be in the trunk driver side behind carpet there is only a fuse box. Is there another location for this year? Is it possible it doesnt have factory amp?
  5. IMG_20201203_180046_351.jpg

    System folds up behind the seats you never know it's there
1-5 of 5 Results