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  1. Nissan expands airbag recall to 45,000 Sentras

    Nissan is expanding a previous recall to include 2004-2006 Sentras. The recall which already included 700,000 vehicles will be announced to owners of 04-06 Sentra owners in the next 60 days. The Recall stems from an issue with the airbag inflators especially in high-humidity climates. A woman in...
  2. Tesla will soon be able to sell EVs in Maryland

    The state of Maryland's House of Representatives and senators have approved House Bill 235 which would allow Tesla to sell electric vehicles directly to consumers. Maryland governor, Larry Hogan could pass the bill as early as April 28th. Assuming the bill passes, Maryland would become the 23rd...
  3. GM discovers steering flaw, doesn't issue recall

    GM is in the spotlight again for not issuing a recall after becoming aware of a safety issue. 50 GM vehicle owners have complained of their steering wheel seizing up while driving. GM looked into the issue and found that the occurrence was so rare, it didn't warrant a recall. This time, GM has...
  4. Paying too much for car insurance? Get married.

    Most people know that car insurance premiums vary between demographics. For instance drivers under 25 will almost always pay more than drivers over 25 and males tend to pay more than females. What many people don’t realize is just how much a single factor can affect their insurance rate...
  5. The best used cars for under $5,000

    Buying a new car can be stressful—not to mention—expensive. Perhaps it’s stressful because it’s expensive. Either way, buying a new car can be tough. Many would-be-buyers opt to buy used to save some money. Even then, the cost can sometimes be higher than you’re willing to pay. Many mistakenly...