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  1. Items Wanted
    LF good , cheap, cold air intake. Would be perfect if it were a KNN, INJEN, or CRABS, however just needing a good cheap one! Please send me pictures of what you have and fair offers :)
    $150 USD
  2. Problems and Solutions
    Looking into to just dropping in a KnN and finding a good way to make my air intake louder/better. I've seen people talking about a resonator on the stock air intake box and was questioning if that would even be a good idea to do to my 3.5 gt. Besides just removing the resonator and such what...
  3. Powertrain Performance Modifications
    I recently installed a injen cold air intake on my 2005 g6 gt, I am trying to find the PCV valve so I can hook it up to the intake. I am already smelling gas fumes and I am getting quite concerned about it damaging my engine due to it not being hooked up. I have looked for hours and I can't find...
  4. Items Wanted
    Looking for a crabs intake. The website won’t cooperate with my iPhone, saying I need Adobe. I would settle with K&N but crabs look waaaay nicer.
  5. Blog
    Hi I have a 2007 2.4l pontiac g6 and was wondering if there are any good cold air intakes or short ram air intakes for the engine , and how much would it cost to install one
1-5 of 5 Results