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  1. Problems and Solutions
    Hey everyone, this has been a great forum over the years and a wealth of knowledge for DIY fixes. I have a 2007 G6 GT Convertible that has been sitting up for over a year now with no interior power. I tried what I thought were the usual suspects: Battery and cables are good and fuses appear to...
  2. Problems and Solutions
    Hi all, I recently replaced a leaking cylinder with a used ebay one (i like taking chances) but for some reason the top will not move at all now. It used to work perfectly except for the cylinder leaking but now that i have replaced the cylinder and filled the reservoir it will not work and i...
  3. Problems and Solutions
    Hello everyone. Hoping I can get some insight on how I need to go about getting this thing taken care of. Right now the cars in a buddies garage cause it broke while I was out and it was supposed to rain that night, so I won't have pics until Wednesday. What I know happened is that I was...
  4. Problems and Solutions
    When I hold down the convertible top button, the reverse trunk operates only and there's this creaky grinding noise. All while doing this both cylinder/ram things squirt out clear-green fluid (comes out right from underneath them, straight down) in intervals. Also, a sound emits comparable to...
  5. Problems and Solutions
    Hi, my car's top will not secure. It started happening when we replaced the trunk struts, I tried switching them back to the original. Our trunk is "lopsided" currently being more upon the passenger. The top will not secure however it is definitely a problem with the trunk locking because it...
  6. Items for Sale
    First-time posting but have been a "viewing" fan of this site for many years! Unfortunately, it is time to sell our beloved black hard top Convertible (due to our health / age) and trying to determine a FAIR price. Adult driven, have always run full synthetic Mobile 1 oil and changed it every...
  7. Steering Lockup Issues & Discussion
    Hi, don’t know if I’m beating a dead horse with this one but does the convertible and coupe share the same rear bumper cover, and side skirts?
  8. Problems and Solutions
    While working in my trunk, a very corroded wire broke. Can anyone tell me what this is used for? I tried to trace it, but it disappears into a wiring loom, never to be seen again. We're looking at the driver's side of a convertible trunk. (I haven't tried operating the convertible top, not...
  9. New Member Introductions
    According to Big ALs, I was told I couldn’t upgrade my muffler on my convertible because the flow master was too big. How true is this?
  10. Car Audio, Video and Security
    There’s an entry point on each side of the trunk space from rear for your back up camera, audio needs, and etc. Have patience though. If you have an audio plug you can sit it in the hole and pull it through from the backseat. Enjoy.
  11. New Member Introductions
    Yup, I’m a Marvel fan. My last car was a ‘05 Stratus RT coupe with Transformers. I plan to upgrade this car as much as I can. So far I’ve put on the Spyder Headlights (could be better lol), LED RGB switchback eye brows turn signals, replaced the prehistoric factory radio with an Android Head...
1-12 of 12 Results