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  1. Problems and Solutions
    I have an 08 with about 170k miles that only blows hot/warm air when it’s set to bring air in from the outside and I floor it. Any other time it blows cold air. When I switch to recirculating mode the AC snowflake button blinks a few times and then goes solid and blows cold. All of the vents...
  2. Problems and Solutions
    I have a 2007 G6 GT Convertible Coupe (3.9l V6), and the coolant (no matter how many times I refill it) is always low. I can’t find a leak, and now the heat doesn’t work unless the vehicle is moving. I’m not sure if it’s the thermostat, if there’s a leak I’m missing, or if there’s just a small...
1-2 of 2 Results