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  1. Members' Rides
    Hey G6’rs, just testing how strong this vinyl wrap is. It’s a nice purple to blue combination. Unfortunately it’s not dark enough to match my chameleon candy rims.
  2. Car Audio, Video and Security
    so ive been working on this for a while i wish i had taken photos when i began and photos of the whole process but hey what can you do if you have any questions or want to create something similar feel free to ask
  3. Blog
    Hey i was just wondering if there were any good cheap upgrades i can do to my engine to get a little more power. I have a 2007 g6 gt. I have already put my own intake on it. I was looking around and i heard my friend put a performance chip on his audi and he said it improved his power by about...
  4. Blog
    Hey im new to this site, and was just wanting to say hi! I am currently installing LED lights underneath my g6 and i am having trouble getting wiring through the firewall. my friend and i are planning on just going underneath the car to connect to the battery and i was just wondering if anyone...
1-4 of 4 Results