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  1. Problems and Solutions
    Looking into a new muffler to get a better sound out of my g6. After looking through others posts, should I be replacing my resonator? I don't want it to sound too ugly whenever I get my new muffler on. I've been looking and have found an evil energy 2.25 inlet 3 out on amazon for the new muf...
  2. Problems and Solutions
    Recently I've decided that i'd like to put a new muffler (and possibly exhaust,) on my 07 g6 gt. I want to do the cherry bombs since to me they sound the best but I wasn't sure how to make sure it would fit my car. Besides that, I've seen people who had delted the resonator, and I wanted to do...
  3. FAQ
    So I took off my exhaust at the flex pipe, took the downstream cat, resonator and the muffler, will this warp my valves or do any damage?
  4. Items Wanted
    Found a local guy who does custom bending, and a guy that'll tune it out
  5. Powertrain Performance Modifications
    Has anyone successfully put a glass pack on they're g6? I have a 2005 G6 GT and I want to put a glass pack on it, the old exhaust pipe is shaped in a weird way and I can't figure out how to put the glass pack on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. New Member Introductions
    According to Big ALs, I was told I couldn’t upgrade my muffler on my convertible because the flow master was too big. How true is this?
1-6 of 6 Results