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g6 2006

  1. New Head Lights (Front shot)

    New Head Lights (Front shot)

    Got my new headlights in. They look good.
  2. Just getting started.

    Just getting started.

  3. Tail light black out

    Tail light black out

  4. Pawnee (Emblem black out)

    Pawnee (Emblem black out)

  5. Pawnee (Blackout emblem)

    Pawnee (Blackout emblem)

    Got a little carried away with the paint. It’s fye though 🔥.
  6. Black out handles

    Black out handles

    Went by Walmart and grabbed some metal paint to spray my handles. Came out clean af.
  7. Pawnee (front end shot)

    Pawnee (front end shot)

    *Under Construction*