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  1. operation blackout

    operation blackout

    the last picture is a shiftknob that i had custommade
  2. custom sub box for my 08 vert

    Car Audio, Video and Security
    so ive been working on this for a while i wish i had taken photos when i began and photos of the whole process but hey what can you do if you have any questions or want to create something similar feel free to ask
  3. What wire in the trunk did I just break?

    Problems and Solutions
    While working in my trunk, a very corroded wire broke. Can anyone tell me what this is used for? I tried to trace it, but it disappears into a wiring loom, never to be seen again. We're looking at the driver's side of a convertible trunk. (I haven't tried operating the convertible top, not...
  4. Hard top stuck in down position

    Problems and Solutions
    Okay so my friend has a 2007 Pontiac g6 gt hardtop convertible. The other day we went for a drive and put the top down. Everything was normal and sounded normal. We got home and pushed the button to lift the top and it didn’t move. I did some investigating to see if I could figure anything out...
  5. Convertible Top Stuck Down

    Problems and Solutions
    So first off the top would not open. So me being the smart man that I am... opened the deck lid with a little manual labor and holding the open button. once the deck lid was open the top worked perfect and everything closed up fine in the trunk.... Go to shut the top and the deck lid unlocks and...
  6. Helping to sell G6 2005 hardtop conv, loaded, blk on blk, leather.

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    G6My dear friend has Parkinson's and I'm helping to sell his baby. 2005. G6, 3.9 liter, 4speed auto w/overdrive. Loaded. 66K miles. Gently garaged now for 5yrs. My problem: Can't find ANY comparables for pricing! And Kelley BB & Edmund's say car/model doesn't even exist. Huh?