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  1. Members' Rides
    Hey G6’rs, just testing how strong this vinyl wrap is. It’s a nice purple to blue combination. Unfortunately it’s not dark enough to match my chameleon candy rims.
  2. Members' Rides
    I got tired of those dry LEDs, thought I'd add some color to match my Black Panther Purple Theme. All I need is somebody to make me a LED Pontiac badge to match, let me know how much you charge?
  3. Appearance Modifications and Lighting
    I am looking to upgrade my headlights on my 06 pontiac to ether spyder auto or spec d headlights. i heard the projectors are very bad in those headlights so i will do a retro quik kit and replace with better projectors. i asked the retrofit source and lightworkz if they could tell me if that...
  4. New Head Lights (Front shot)

    Got my new headlights in. They look good.
  5. Problems and Solutions
    Dim goes out. Bright works fine. According to everything I read, the fix is replacing the connector that apparently melts. Been there...done that. 5 days later, no headlights. It's not logical. If a connector meltdown is causing the dim to go out, why isn't the bright and parking lights...
1-5 of 5 Results