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  1. Problems and Solutions
    Hey yall I'm new here so I'm not sure if the has been answered before, but I drive a 2008 G6 and whenever I put my foot on the break it makes like a grumbling noise and when I'm at a complete stop it gets a little louder. Now I just got new pads and back calipers put on because they were...
  2. Problems and Solutions
    Like an idiot I used Too Much gasket maker when installing my new water pump. I have multiple issues going on with my 2007 G6 3.5. But I don't want to overload everybody like I kind of am. I'm trying to get the new water pump off and all that gasket crap because I put so much I believe my...
  3. Problems and Solutions
    The code says pcm has indicated TCS malfunction. Does this mean I need to replace the computer module? Or something else
  4. Problems and Solutions
    Issue 1: When i slow down for a light, i start hearing a vro vroo noise. when fully stopped, its gone. Issue 2: Say i hit a speed bump or pothole, i hear a clank noise or thud noise. Anything helps!!!!
  5. Problems and Solutions
    I found the motor I need the one that controls the horizontal function of the drivers side power seat part number 22718107 I'm wondering how I remove the drivers seat and replace the motor please help
  6. Powertrain Performance Modifications
    I recently installed a injen cold air intake on my 2005 g6 gt, I am trying to find the PCV valve so I can hook it up to the intake. I am already smelling gas fumes and I am getting quite concerned about it damaging my engine due to it not being hooked up. I have looked for hours and I can't find...
  7. Problems and Solutions
    Billowing white smoke out of exhaust when i give it gas at operating temp. I immediately thought blown head gasket. BUT, there's no misfiring it runs smooth as butter, no overheating, no coolant loss, no coolant in the oil, dosent smell like burning coolant. Just alot of white smoke and spits...
  8. FAQ
    So I took off my exhaust at the flex pipe, took the downstream cat, resonator and the muffler, will this warp my valves or do any damage?
  9. Problems and Solutions
    Hello all! Short time listener, first time caller. I am here today seeking help for my 2007 G6 GT, which I have affectionately named the "Hydra:" For when one mechanical problem is solved, two more take its place. For a while now, my heater hasn't been working well/at all until the engine...
  10. Appearance Modifications and Lighting
    I am looking to upgrade my headlights on my 06 pontiac to ether spyder auto or spec d headlights. i heard the projectors are very bad in those headlights so i will do a retro quik kit and replace with better projectors. i asked the retrofit source and lightworkz if they could tell me if that...
  11. Problems and Solutions
    Can anyone relate or has anyone ever heard of their OBD port not working? I bought my 2005 G6 (base model) back in 2017. Now she’s got 220000mi on and really just needs shocks & struts... The port has never worked though, been to multiple dealerships.... They want to keep the car and figure it...
  12. New Member Introductions
    I’ve been having some problems with my fuel pump relay fuse in the rear fuse box of my 2010 Pontiac g6 where it gets hot. I already re wired the relay fuse and it’s still getting hot I would hate to have to do that again so I heard it could be from the fuel pump putting out too much voltage..so...
  13. Problems and Solutions
    Hey all, Calling anyone willing to shine some light on this dull little issue I'm having. I bought the car used with full knowledge that the rear driver-side window would not roll up or down, and now that life has stabilized a bit, I am wanting to try and get this fixed. The previous...
  14. Problems and Solutions
    Hello , Sorry I’m new here and still figuring this out. I have a base model 2005 Pontiac G6 it has manual seats no power. Would I be able to put heated leather seats in ?
1-15 of 16 Results