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  1. Car Audio, Video and Security
    The key fob that came 2ith my 08 G6 4cyl has the remote start button on it but I'm not sure if it's the original. Did the 08 have a remote start option??
  2. Problems and Solutions
    So I bought an 2008 G6 GT that has keyless entry as well as the plus sign on the key fob which indicates that it is remote start ready.. I checked the sticker in the glove box which says its AP8 coded but there is no AP3.. Do I just need to order a new key fob with the remote start button and...
  3. G6 GXP Discussion
    in 2020 what are the cheapest options for remote auto start on 2008 Pontiac G6 with RPO code AP8 equipped but is Not AP3 equipped;( the + is on the remote back!)
1-3 of 3 Results