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  1. Appearance Modifications and Lighting
    I really want to switch to LEDs in many places, maybe one day all locations. But review after review for every type of LED bulb I find, has comments about poor life. So many people saying they don't get even 1 year from LED bulbs for bulbs they normally get 2+ years from a regular bulb. And even...
  2. Appearance Modifications and Lighting
    Do any of you guys know where I could find a pair of "Eagle Eyes LED Tail lights"? They stopped making these tail lights a while ago, and I've not been having much luck on eBay. Anyone got a link to an eBay or Craigslist listing of someone selling these? Or do any of you guys have a pair of...
  3. Blog
    Hey im new to this site, and was just wanting to say hi! I am currently installing LED lights underneath my g6 and i am having trouble getting wiring through the firewall. my friend and i are planning on just going underneath the car to connect to the battery and i was just wondering if anyone...
1-3 of 3 Results