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  1. Problems and Solutions
    Poor Man Has POOR WAYS I have just bought car very grateful to have the ability to do that!!! Now it has oil leaks it is a clean car but under the plastic it is bad!!! With fingers crossed replaced valve cover hoping that was it!!! Replaced oil sensor only code that came up!!! Changed weekoil...
  2. Problems and Solutions
    I've had a slow oil leak for years now. It's been manageable -- I usually lose half a quart every 5,000 miles. The bottom of the engine, particularly the passenger side, has always been covered in crud (and it blows onto the transmission pan). Today, though, I popped my hood today to check my...
  3. Problems and Solutions
    Hi everyone, I've been doing some research about an oil leak from my 08 G6 GT 3.5L Conv. I'm hoping that the filter housing is the problem and not the crank shaft seal. What I'm noticing is after I top off the oil, within a day or two I find a large discharge of oil (significantly more than a...
1-3 of 3 Results