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  1. Tail light black out

    Tail light black out

  2. Black out handles

    Black out handles

    Went by Walmart and grabbed some metal paint to spray my handles. Came out clean af.
  3. Meet Pawnee.

    Meet Pawnee.

    First Day. Grabbed this G6 off of craigslist for $900. Runs Fine. Needed AC, New tires, New Front struts, and a Radio. I have installed all since I bought it. Going to turn her into a mean sleeper. Stay tuned.
  4. Problems and Solutions
    I have been to 2 different gas stations. The first one I caught the overflow quickly (within half a gallon), with the second one I caught it after paying for approximately 4 gallons of gas that I didn't need (Thank God the prices are so low right now that I only paid a few dollars extra for)...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I've put about $2000 into my G6 (tires,brakes,etc) but I'm considering selling it and buying a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp G. The grand prix's supercharged engine is honestly what is so appealing and making me want to sell my g6. Any advice is welcome!