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  1. Powertrain Performance Modifications
    Hi im new here, i just bought a G6 3.5 2006 and i really want to get a ecm tune but i only find chips tune. Im from Canada so if someone know where i can order a stage 1 or 2 let me know 😁
  2. Problems and Solutions
    Issue 1: When i slow down for a light, i start hearing a vro vroo noise. when fully stopped, its gone. Issue 2: Say i hit a speed bump or pothole, i hear a clank noise or thud noise. Anything helps!!!!
  3. Problems and Solutions
    Alguien sabe dónde se encuentra el botón de impacto de combustible de un pontiac g6 2008
  4. New Head Lights (Front shot)

    Got my new headlights in. They look good.
  5. Pawnee (front end shot)

    *Under Construction*
  6. Pawnee (Blackout emblem)

    Got a little carried away with the paint. It’s fye though 🔥.
  7. The South
    I have a 06 Pontiac G6 3.5 with 241329 miles on it. When I start it up feels like it is missing or has a misfire. Today on my way home from work all of sudden it wouldn't shift into overdrive. Not the first time this has happen. So I pulled over and turn the car. After 5 minutes I turn the car...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys on Friday I am buying a 2008 G6 GT 4dr sedan 3.5L V6. It has 93,000 miles on it and I'm buying for $3400USD. It has only been owned by 1 guy with 0 accidents and he claims it has been well maintained it's whole life (has all service receipts). Wondering if this is a good buy? How long...
  9. Members' Rides
    Hey guys, my name is Torbinator (But you can call me Torb). Currently 17 yro, got my license a year ago. I've had this G6 since June 2019. Its been in our family since 2007. The day I got the car, I knew I had to start doing something with it. Being a poor boy working at a fast food place Ive...
1-12 of 12 Results