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  1. Problems and Solutions
    Looking into a new muffler to get a better sound out of my g6. After looking through others posts, should I be replacing my resonator? I don't want it to sound too ugly whenever I get my new muffler on. I've been looking and have found an evil energy 2.25 inlet 3 out on amazon for the new muf...
  2. Problems and Solutions
    Recently I've decided that i'd like to put a new muffler (and possibly exhaust,) on my 07 g6 gt. I want to do the cherry bombs since to me they sound the best but I wasn't sure how to make sure it would fit my car. Besides that, I've seen people who had delted the resonator, and I wanted to do...
  3. FAQ
    So I took off my exhaust at the flex pipe, took the downstream cat, resonator and the muffler, will this warp my valves or do any damage?
  4. Problems and Solutions
    Hi - I have a 4-cylinder 2008 G6. The pipe going into my resonator (from the catalytic converter) has rusted the whole way around and broken off where it meets the resonator. The resonator itself is super rusty too, and I'd like to get a replacement resonator and install it w/ exhaust clamps (I...
1-4 of 4 Results