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  1. Error code P0011, Knocking Noise

    I have a 2006 G6 GTP 3.9L engine, manual, about a week ago my engine started making a knocking noise, only occurring when I give gas around 2000-3000 RPMs. The noise speeds up as the RPM's increase but is not noticeable at idle. Yesterday when on the highway, the knocking noise beacame much...
  2. 06 3.9L, Code P0011, PLEASE HELP

    I Have had my g6 gtp for less than six (6) months now. I had been experiencing the issue of hard shifting and my TC (traction control) light coming on every so often. I had no idea how to fix this or what it is. It's not constant, once my TC light comes on I know that my car will then shift hard...