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  1. Car Audio, Video and Security
    I have a monsoon amp in my trunk and my stereo says monsoon when I cut it on. But when I was going to change out the rear speakers I noticed there are only 2 speaker wires like normal connected instead of the 4 what does this mean?
  2. Car Audio, Video and Security
    Hey guys I recently got a 2 door coupe with the monsoon system. Looking to change all the old speakers in the car. Looks like there’s 3 on each door plus the 2 rears. Can anyone tell me or link the speaker sizes? thanks
  3. Car Audio, Video and Security
    In my 2009 g6 sedan, my front two speakers are not working but the tweeters right above them do work, the speakers in the back behind the back seats work as well. I googled it and I’ve gotten several results telling me it’s the head unit that needs replaced. Can anyone give me a clear reason as...
1-3 of 3 Results