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  1. Site News and Information
    Hi, i have a g6 convertible and i would like to make the trunk open automatically when I unlock it. But because it is a convertible and the trunk can open in 2 directions, I'm scared that the spring kit i would put will fight with the hydraulics and damage something. So, is there any way to make...
  2. Problems and Solutions
    Just got my 07 g6, I have a problem eith a trunk leak (we're guessing sunroof drains, just got plugs,) and it dripped into my amp and corroded the connectors and the amp. If it may be something else it would be a blessing for any help. For the amp I've been trying to find 15238473, however I...
  3. Problems and Solutions
    Hi, my car's top will not secure. It started happening when we replaced the trunk struts, I tried switching them back to the original. Our trunk is "lopsided" currently being more upon the passenger. The top will not secure however it is definitely a problem with the trunk locking because it...
  4. Car Audio, Video and Security
    There’s an entry point on each side of the trunk space from rear for your back up camera, audio needs, and etc. Have patience though. If you have an audio plug you can sit it in the hole and pull it through from the backseat. Enjoy.
1-4 of 4 Results