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Hi All,
I am new to this forum and hoping someone can help. I have an 05 G6 not a GT, the problem started a few weeks ago when the factory alarm would go off for no reason, at the same time the dome light would not shut off, although sometimes it would and then come on while driving. Thinking it was the door latch assembly which houses the switch for the door ajar and dome light I replaced it and it did not fix the problem. I found a TSB for a reprogram of the BCM that did not work, right after the BCM was reprogramed the cruise does not work and now the Dealer is telling me I need a new BCM at the tune of $400 because they are saying it's shorted. I used the cruise on the way to the dealer as it is a 40 mile drive. Has anybody had this problem? Any help on both the alarm and dome light problem and the cruise issue would be greatly appreciated!! Is the dealer feeding me a line of bull? I think so as right away they said nothing they did caused this problem, yeah right!

Thanks a ton
'70 Mach 1
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