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Hey guys I got this g6 3.5L 6 cyl engine and when I bought it I noticed the engine would clunk when you shifted it into drive or reverse and as you drive and the tranny up shifts it has a hard shift, and the clunk is pretty hard like the engine and all around it lunges forward and stop hard. So first thing I changed the tranny fluid which was bad but not burnt to where it hurt the tranny, didn't change. Then I noticed the cv axle leaking from the inner end so I replaced the cv axle and the tire rod with it and no change. After, I remembered the mounts so I replaced the engine mount which wasnt too bad and the tranny mount which was completely ripped so I figured I had it solved but it wasn't so out of frustration I changed the spark plugs and coils, oil change of course, I took it to a mechanic shop they said the tranny was fine and that it was something in the engine, I also cleaned all the 02 sensors. It also has a code for evap emission control system purge but I doubt that has any effect on that. So yeah I'm pretty much at a dead end any help would be very much appreciated
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