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05' GT problem.

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Alright I got the G6 GT when it first came out. has 85k miles on it and i know problems will start happening. and they have. my vent valve solenoid on my gas tank i guess it fried. so my check engine light and my check gas cap alarms have been going off. but anyways thats something to ignore for now. but im having problem with some other electronics. my footpedals went so i checked the fuse and i plugged it back in and it started to work again. so im like hmmm maybe it will fix other stuff. so i unpluged and repluged every fuse back into the car and so far no problems. buutttt. my remote starter wont work now. all the electronics turn on inside such as the radio and AC but it wont turn over and start. its weird. anyone have the solution to fixs this besides take it to a dealer? i dont wanna spend 200$ on bullshit.
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I heard something like this a few months ago on this site but I can't remember where it is. Try to disconnect to battery for 5 minutes then hook it up and start.
You might want to wait for a few other replies first, someone else may have a def fix.
does the rest of the remote work ok?
yah the remote works. just it wont start the car. it just turns on the electronics then shuts them off after 20 seconds.
Check on DIC, you may have to turn remote start "on" again.

I think default is "off." once when the battery was out for a while, it reset everything but the stuff related to gas mileage on the DIC.
I'm actually having the exact same problem now.

Evap purge solenoid needs replaced.
Pulled fuses when I replaced stereo,
Now remote start won't work, but everything else does.
05 G5 GT gas light and check engine light

My gas light and check engine light on, so the vent valve solenoid could be the problem? what would that cost?

Also, question, your remote starts your car? Is that common on all g6's? not sure if mine does?
I think I have my problem figured out.

Because the evap purge solenoid is not working correctly, the check engine light is on.

Because the check engine light is on the remote start won't function.

I'm trying to figure out where the solenoid is located but I can't see it from just looking under the car. I'm guessing I'll need a lift or something to get at it.
im looking at the repair manual... hold on ill scan it
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