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Sorry........I just got on and have to get off again when I found this. ha haaaaa

So I gotta be quick. Dont buy GT pads. I did and they dont fit. I have pix to show you.
Promise. Just hold off. Will write more on it in the morning.

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as promised:
I have a GT and got the GT pads. WRONG.....
Apparently Pontiac gave me the standard sized calipers or the books are messed up.
There is no doubt mine is a GT but the books pad size is wrong. I ended up having to buy
some Bendix pads for the front and didnt get to use my EXPENSIVE Akebono pads.
Bummed me out. I have also had them to long to return them...aarrrggggggggggggg

Basically the books are all wrong.
When I went to the store to buy another set they brought out pad just like my Akebono pads
(sealed ones in pix) and I said "Nnnooooooooooooooooooooooo".....

They guy said that I must not have a GT. I said yes...its a GT. I have the paperwork from Pontiac and ALL the features
of a GT (Except perhaps this).

Pontiac might have run out of the bigger stuff or not used it during certain years on the GT and didnt tell anyone.
Or it was just reported wrong into the books. I believe it is just wrong in the books as I have yet to see any G6 with Calipers big enough to fit those "GT" pads.

I wasnt happy with the bendix pad choice but that was all they had and all I could get at the time. They seem to be fine though.

I have an old email brom Brembo saing the rotors are different though so I dont know whats up:
Front without ABS (276mm Dia.) part number 27331

Front with ABS (296mm Dia.) part number 27332

Rear ALL part number 27333
I put the R1's on mine. The company is craptacular but the product appears to be pretty good.
Be sure and use the new clips that should be provided with your front pads.
Also paint on some anti-squeel on the caliper where it touches the pad.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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