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2006 G6 Base model.

Replaced the driver's door latch 6 months ago because the latch wouldn't spring back once you opened it. All seemed well.

Recently, the door failed to open when using either the inside or the outside handle. Which makes getting in and out of the car rather difficult.

Today I took out the driver's seat and pulled the door panel off. I was able to get the door to open. Everything seemed to be working. I was able to shut the door and reopen it. I was able to lock it and unlock both the key and the power locks. So I put the seat back in and the door panel back on.

I was still able to open and close the door without issue.

AND THEN? And then I started the car and put it into reverse which locked the doors.

Now the door will not open again even though it appears to be unlocked.

So now what? Do I need replace that door latch assembly, again?
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