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I have a 06 G6 GT that has an intermittent code. It only show up for a short time then goes out. the car runs fine and i have no drivablilty problems but my fuel mileage has droped off from about 28 mpg to 24. I took it to the dealer and they said it was my k&n filter ha ha nice try I dont think so. It is an intermittent code. the car only has a little over 20k on it. I have read that the 2.4 i4 engines have had there share of bad cats. Do the V6 models have the same issue with faulty cats. I know when the code comes up it comes up for both banks of cylinders. so i dont think it is an O2 sensor because the would mean both are bad. I could see one but not both. Anybody else having this issue.

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