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06 G6 Gt Stock Radio W/ Subs

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Is it possible to wire your subs to the stock radio in your 06 g6 gt? I really like the in-dash 6 disc changer and wanted to keep it.
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yes you can you have to plug an rca adapter then you should be able to hook up your subs from there i have the stock radio with subs also easy stuff
what kind of speakers are you getting cause you will have to find the right parts for what ever system your getting? I have the complete kicker system and its all off the stock radio.

(WARNING: Due to having the stock stero system when you go to turn the volume controls up the bass will go down this is because a aftermarket radio is not in place thats how the stock was built but it will still hit. I only have 700Watts total in my car and my stuff hounds!)
ya mine rattles a little bit but anything that i could find i put mat on it even on the inside of the trunk on the side walls behind the carpet and the trunk lid def cause i only have 700 watts total in my car that powers my subs and my tweeters and 6x9 and 6 1/2. So like I said it is possible you just have to know what your doing. and as far as making sure you can get your subs in and out easy i didnt worry bout it i got AAA lol so i wont have to do that kind of stuff anyway. My 6x9 are practially sitting on my sub box.
also i did my own subs and i dont have any wires where you can see them. I zip tied and then put it under the carpet by cutting alittle hole for the wires. The Amp is mounted on the back of the box and the box has a braket that it screwed in behind the seats when you let them down. So therefore you let the back seat down you can see my amp. Here are some pics of the system. (sorry bout the bucket its got all my detailing stuff in it.)

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You can go to any speaker shop and pick up this part.

I stress this alot DO NOT buy the rca and any wire from walmart these systems should only be hooked up with the quality wire they are intended for if you do so you can say goodbye to your subs and amp. My amp fried using stuff from walmart in the 89 camaro i had. Saying this from experience.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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